This page is an information resource for members of the Knox County ARES/RACES-CERT Team

Weekly Net

The Knox County ARES/RACES-CERT Net meets every Tuesday evening at 1900 hrs on the W1PBR repeater. The frequency is 147.060 MHz with a PL tone of 91.5 Hz. The net preamble may be obtained here.

Emergency Communications Skills

As of 2016 we are formalizing the development and tracking of operator skills for emergency communications. These are additional to the CERT Core Curriculum and ICS course requirements. The skills are categorized by those that are specific to the Knox ARES/RACES-CERT equipment set and those skills that have broader applicability. The latter is important as it will enhance interoperability across the state and region. A description of these skill categories and operator requirements may be found here.

Directly Related Information Resources

NBEMS and RMS Express: Maine ARES/RACES Digital Communications Guide

Information on composing and transmitting properly formatted Health and Welfare messages via NTS and Winlink may be found at the Knox County Ham Radio Community Emergency Communications Member Page.

Home Communications Resources

In times of emergency where there would be widespread communications outages, it may be required to augment the amateur radio resources at the county facilities with operators working from home. To leverage this in the most efficient way possible, it is important to know what capabilities the team members possess. Each member is encouraged to fill in their information in a standard format so that this may be compiled for use by the EMA and the Team. The Excel version may be filled out and emailed. The PDF version may be filled out by hand and brought as a hard copy to a meeting.

Home Station Capabilities Worksheet Excel

Home Station Capabilities Worksheet PDF

Equipment Operation Resources

Kenwood TM-D710_Quick Guide. This is tailored to the Knox County stations.

Knox Kenwood TM-D710 Programming File (RT Systems): ( Coming Soon)

Communications Trailer Checklist: (Coming Soon)

Portable Tower Checklist: (Coming Soon)

Mesh Potato Phone Numbers and block assignments for all Maine counties.

Links to Relevant ARRL & Radio Relay International Manuals

2015 ARES Manual: PDF Download

2017 RRI Traffic Handling Manual: (Coming Soon)

Maine ARES

Information on the state organization, Section leadership team, statewide amateur radio emergency frequencies:

Other Information

Knox County Simplex Map: Fixed Agency Stations and Shelters

Knox County UHF Packet Map: In preparation

Explanation of Simplex Maps (coming soon)


Knox County Emergency Management Agency